What is Launching Social?

It is a crowd-speaking platform for Film, Music and Product launches, that allows a marketer to invite fans, stakeholders and colleagues to pre-commit and schedule posts about your launch in advance. It gives the security of knowing how many people will support your launch well in advance.

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Why is it so effective?

The main problem with social media is that it has become very noisy. Your posts are only seen by a fraction of your users. So you need to advertise to acquire fans in advance, then advertise again during launch and only a small number of fans will engage with your content when you need it most. LaunchingSocial allows to bypass this process and collect commitments for engagements from fans right from the start. You suggest the post content and the dates it should go out and your fans review it and schedule it to be posted from their accounts

How it works:

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Create and launch your campaign

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Campaign is approved

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Share campaign with fans and friends

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Get posts and tweets on selected blast dates



Trial Plan

Our trial plan allows you to try our tool for free and see how it works with a limit of 25 supporters.


Start Plan

We offer a starter package at 50 USD per campaign that is perfect for smaller launches of up to 100 supporters


Custom Plan

Our large scale packages are bespoke and start at 1000 USD, depending on your requirements


Campaign page

This is where your fans sign up and support your launch

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This is where you create and administer your campaigns

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This is what people will schedule and post on your launch dates

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